Crash Course in Connection Programme

In today’s world, we have lost our capacity to listen, hear, and understand what people are saying. We have lost our ability to communicate in a mature and effective manner. The Crash Course in Connection aims to close the gap between what our customers say and what we perceive to hear them say, what our staff members say and what we hear, and what our leaders say and what we hear. The Crash Course in Connection is a skills-based programme which provides employees with easy-to-grasp psychological insights into the importance of authentic connection, gives them the ability to best manage the customer they are dealing with, and equips them with critical skills to deliver effective, efficient, and engaged customer service.


In addition to this two- or three-hour long learning session, it is recommended that team leaders and managers to go through a more advanced learning solution, which focuses on the psychology, importance and skills of connection, in order to support, encourage, and guide their staff in the implementation and internalisation of the Crash Course in Connection principles. The key here is it’s a crash course – it focuses on honing participants people skills in bit-sized and easy-to-grasp chunks of information. These skills can then be enhanced through our digital solution. Staff will benefit from a Digital Solution that will offer a more in-depth learning solution, to give them a better understanding of self and of their customers.


  • Awareness of the importance of a shift in mindset from a transactional-based approach to a people-centric manner

  • Enhanced self-awareness

  • Improved listening and understanding of client needs