Circle & Square's vision is to humanize corporate Canada using the skills and insights of clinical psychology and our proprietary Circle & Square methodology. ​

Circle & Square has eight core beliefs. We believe:

  1. Investing in people always pays off.

  2. Staying grounded in our proprietary methodology called Circle & Square, which is based on clinical psychology.

  3. Psychology applied to business achieves winning results.

  4. Harnessing the power of human connection inspires business performance.

  5. An emotionally healthy workforce leads to a financially healthy company.

  6. Coaching is an underutilized and powerful tool for corporate growth.

  7. Emotional intelligence isn’t a feel-good concept. Its impact is real, measurable and untapped.

  8. The balance between connection and task yields positive and lasting relationships.


Barry Pokroy
Founder, MA (Clinical Psychology)
Taly Fleischer
Dave Stevens
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