Change Management: Managing Transition Programme

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I will understand.” Benjamin Franklin

Change management is usually driven externally, without sufficient focus on the internal recipients of the change. In clinical psychology theory, change is experienced as extremely stressful, and companies do not focus sufficiently on the people undergoing the change. This lack of focus is not because of a lack of intention, but rather a lack of a methodology and skills to nurture and guide people through transitions.

The Managing Transition programme equips both the change agents and recipients of the change with the necessary insights and skills to best persevere through a transition process. The outcome of this programme is the ability to manage emotions that arise due to change that could have an impact on projects, employees and performance. By managing this, the organisation is able to achieve maximum buy-in for the change process so as to eliminate the alienation of people within the transition, and to ensure the involvement and participation in the change.

This programme outlines the content and outcomes of the recommended intervention, specifically structured from the psychodynamics of change to the actual management skills necessary to sustain a change process, and to manage a project both from a task and human perspective. Ultimately, participants are provided with a consciousness to embrace change, insight into the personal ownership of change, experience of the challenge of transition, and empowerment in living with transition.



  • Self-awareness and understanding one’s own style and reaction to change

  • Improved coping mechanisms

  • Enhanced Intra and Interpersonal awareness of managing the impact and complexities of change