Connect to Collect Programme

All too often collections environments are premised on the model of perceiving clients as bad people as opposed to good people in bad situations. As a result, clients are managed through the task of collections and are invariably alienated in the process, doing nothing to foster a proactive commitment to paying or a long term relationship or interest in the client.

The Connect to Collect programme focuses on managing clients through the context of relationship to guide them in their account education and rehabilitation. While most collection based models are merely concerned with collecting according to a prescribed script and account number, Connect to Collect addresses the client as a person and encourages them to come up with a solution and commitment for payment by listening, understanding and engaging the human in the context of the situation.

Grounded in clinical psychology, the programme understands the dynamics of humiliation and defence in people, and provides the relevant tools and techniques to manage this. The mindset here is one of guidance and recovery rather than persecution and consequence. By connecting with the client there is more opportunity for negotiation in the collection process. Participants are provided with the skills and insights to listen beyond the task, and to manage the emotions of the client appropriately so as to engage in mature, responsible, and profitable collections calls, without damaging client relationships and ultimately the brand reputation.



  • Instill a rehabilitation and education mindset to collections

  • Improved collections

  • Realising ‘Promise to Pays’

  • Enhanced client relationship and trust

  • Brand loyalty