Circle & Square is a learning and development team that helps clients harness people skills like emotional intelligence to elevate business performance.

Circle & Square has been delivering learning solutions to leading companies for almost two decades. We offer three core services—training, coaching and consulting—all designed to elevate the performance of your talent by equipping them with “people skills.”


Businesses today tend to be too transactional in the way they engage with their people, and when we say people, we mean people – staff, clients and managers. This is frequently seen in various parts of the working world where staff report feeling demotivated, disengaged, and are quite clearly lethargic and apathetic. The resulting symptoms in businesses are an increase in absenteeism, high attrition rates, and non-compliance. The dilemma that businesses face is that they try to motivate people in ways that do not offer any authentic motivation – i.e. there is simply no inspiration. Our belief is that in order to curb and correct the concerns that businesses have today, there needs to be a shift from the transactional paradigm (the ‘square’) to a more relational paradigm (the ‘circle’), from task to connection, from quantity to quality, from service to experience.

Roots in clinical psychology 

Our roots are entrenched in the theories of clinical psychology, a key differentiator in understanding individuals and organisations. Circle and Square’s years of experience in guiding organisational reform has led us to develop powerful approaches towards customer service, change management, emotional intelligence, leadership, team effectiveness, and innovation. The interventions developed are psychologically-based training models that draw on clinical knowledge and experience, and focus on equipping the participants with psycho-educational tools and insights, which are relevant and practical when applied to the workplace.


The power of connection

Our learning solutions and engagement style is aimed at providing leaders, managers, and staff members with the clinical psychological insights and skills to empower them to connect and understand in an advanced, effective and meaningful manner. We have the psychological expertise as well as deep understanding of organisations to help people realise their human potential, and ultimately, their financial greatness.


Circle & Square is based in Toronto, Canada and in Johannesburg, South Africa. While both offices operate independently, Circle & Square is uniquely positioned to address training needs from an international viewpoint. 

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