Employee Engagement Programme

“If employees truly are a company's best asset, then their care and support should be a priority.” Robyn Reilly, Gallup


Businesses today tend to focus on task-based transactions in the way they engage – particularly with their people (their most valuable assets). This means more value is placed on getting the job done than on building and nurturing authentic connection and value amongst employees. This can result in a team that is disengaged, undervalued and not performing at optimal levels. Teams can feel demotivated, unenergetic, apathetic, and have no real sense of ownership of their roles within the organisation. Their psychological sense of belonging is negatively impacted, which is a pre-cursor to sub-optimum performance.

To curb and correct many of the concerns businesses have today, there needs to be a mindset-shift in organisations from a transactional paradigm to a more relational paradigm.

Circle & Square offers training, coaching solutions to assist companies to improve performance by helping employees and leadership become ‘relationship fit and capable’. This programme focuses on enabling staff in organisations to better connect interpersonally, thereby enhancing all factors related to people performance, business performance, and change enablement. To truly engage employees, it is important to look to the underlying causes of distress – the emotional well-being of the workforce; the skills and tools they employ to create and maintain healthy relationships and reduce stress; and people’s sense of connection to each other and the organisation.

The Employee Engagement programme provides both individuals and organisations with the skills and insights needed to become an efficient, productive and stable long-term workforce along with a tuned-in management team. The strategy of the programme is to rehumanise both management and the workforce by giving them the insights, tools, language, and skills to deal with each other and with clients.


  • Shift in mindset from transactional management to person leadership and engagement.

  • Improved self-awareness and enhanced EQ

  • Improved personal awareness and management of and dealings with internal and external clients enhancing customer experience

  • Teamwork is enhanced due to a better understanding of self and impact of one’s style on others