Client Experience Programme

“Customer experience is the last source of sustainable differentiation and the new competitive battleground.” Tiffani Bova, Salesforce

This programme will take your client service from ordinary to extraordinary. The Client Experience programme focuses on delivering exceptional customer service by empowering staff to truly understand their customers. By focusing solely on getting a job done as quickly as possible, clients may have all their queries solved (or dissolved) efficiently, but efficiency is only one part of the equation. Meaningful connection is the other part. By bringing the human dimension back into the workplace through connection, organisations will benefit exponentially in client service, client retention, and increased revenue. This also adds to the efficiency of the task being done as the lack of client management unintentionally hampers task management. This, however, requires a shift in mindset from task-orientated performance to client-centric hearing, one where the client’s needs are managed in the context of a relationship and not merely from a transactional perspective.


  • Client centricity and relationship-based engagement: Shift in mindset from task-based performance to relationship-based engagement

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence: Improved self-awareness and management of emotions

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Teamwork: enhanced understanding of self and impact of your style on others.

  • Brand loyalty

  • Customer retention