emotional intelligence: the differentiator


The Emotional Intelligence programme provides a holistic understanding into the complexity of emotional intelligence by looking at its origins, consequences and relevance in the workplace to allow for increased psychological awareness. The training engages the necessary balance between self and other, theory and application, listening and hearing, and makes available the skills to manage these balances more effectively.
Along with the necessity for self-awareness and the importance of understanding others, this programme enhances work performance through a model for managing relational dynamics to develop insight into relational patterns.
The fundamental psychological skills and insights of EQ that are addressed allow for the creation of more meaningful communication and interaction, thereby enhancing relationships with internal and external clients. This allows organisations to use EQ as a differentiator in achieving their business and people strategies.


• Integrated understanding of emotional intelligence and how to use it as a differentiator
• Enhanced self-awareness and awareness of self on others
• Enhanced person-centricity
• Advanced listening skills
• Ability to manage relationships more effectively


  • Executives, Managers and Staff


Cost p/p: R1450 (excl. VAT)


Circle & Square is learning solutions company focusing on training, coaching and consulting on an individual, team and organisational level and forms part of the GBS family of businesses to provide a holistic and sustainable human-centric employment-relations range of services to clients. Circle & Square’s inspiration comes from the psychology room, cutting-edge research, home¬grown philosophy, and the experience of two decades of guiding organisational reform.
With a focus on shifting attitudes, our credence lies in developing people through relationships, as the heartbeat of an organisation is heard in its human capital. Our learning interventions are aimed at providing people with the psychological insights and skills to empower them to connect with their customers, colleagues and employees in an advanced, effective and meaningful manner.