“Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and, therefore, the foundation of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.” J.K. Rowling

Organisations and individuals often experience a deeply-rooted and unconscious bias when it comes to innovation. While time and effort is spent on innovation, it may not be driving the correct behaviour towards addressing uncertainty. The reality is that by placing a value on predictability, new ideas are born out of old constructs. Innovation, as a result, takes an unintended backseat. Organisations feel the need to create innovations hubs or centres of ideation, rather than empowering individuals to ‘live’ innovation in their current working structures.       

The Innovation programme addresses the above bias and provides a methodology that guides individuals towards tackling these biases on a personal level and dealing with the fundamental psychological hurdles that are often the undoing of team initiatives. By providing a common language for innovation, new perimeters are set freeing people to think differently.  

The Innovation course empowers people to think differently about how they engage, ask questions, and look for opportunity. Its methodology focuses on the re-engineering of questions and how to go about looking for answers.


  1. Individual and organisational understanding of authentic innovation rather than synthetic regurgitation

  2. Skills to deal with the innovation conflict

  3. A Transactional Analysis overview on how to foster a platform for ideation

Formats offered:

1. Seeing Things Differently 

This is a one-hour talk that gives a powerful introduction to rethinking innovation.


2. It’s Not About Innovation 3-4-hour session

A three to four-hour session will raise consciousness and allow for reflection around innovation thinking. Using concepts such as ego states and Andrew Miller’s Three Writing Phases to encourage innovation, the training will equip participants with the skills to ideate with more confidence and ultimately add more value to an organisation.


3. It’s Not About Innovation 8-hour session

This 8-hour is an intensive teaching on innovation, using the same start as the 4-hour session but adding in ‘real-world’ applications to create a change in thinking. The full-day training will not only raise consciousness and allow for reflection, but will work towards shifting attitudes, and ultimately behaviour, around innovation. Offering practical tools to ideate, the training will reveal individuals’ internal biases and offer opportunities to practically apply their learning to relevant business cases.


4. It’s Not About Innovation 3 sessions

The innovation training will be presented over three sessions – the first four-hour session will give delegates insight into their innovation biases and the need to shift ego states to allow for ideation. The following three-hour sessions will provide appropriate skills for effective innovation thinking and how to practically apply this to business to be a catalyst for growth and change.