Selling With Emotional Intelligence Programme

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”
Zig Ziglar

Selling with Emotional Intelligence looks beyond the conventional methods of hit-and-miss selling into the realm of selling with focused client centricity. While many techniques sell at a client rather than to a client, Selling with Emotional Intelligence revolutionises the process by climbing into the “world” of the client. It shifts focus from transactional selling to relationship selling, placing the client’s needs at the centre of the process.

The focus here is on creating intensive client relationships within the selling context in order to provide the relationship edge so as to take the art of sales into the people dimension. The Selling with Emotional Intelligence programme provides participants with the emotional lens needed to understand the various temperaments, emotions and personality in the selling context. This lens offers an insightful appreciation of the motivation, workings and management of the client.


  • Enhanced client engagement and relationships

  • Person centric and solution based selling

  • Improved ability to listen, connect and respond in an advanced and meaningful manner

  • Insight and understanding into self and others  

  • Improved sales