Train the Facilitator Programme

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." Albert Einstein

The Train the Facilitator programme focuses on equipping trainers with the intra- and inter-personal insights required for facilitating powerful, people centric interventions. The aim is to provide participants with the required skills, knowledge, and awareness to develop, improve, and nurture their facilitation capabilities. Key aspects of the training include a strategy to further optimise, sustain, and concretise learning modules as well as a focus on participant’s individual training style.

The programme uses the Circle & Square ISO methodology – Interactive, Subjective and Objective – as the platform to create a shift in mindset from task-orientated training to a people centric facilitative approach. While traditional training interventions follow an O, S, I process where dry theory is delivered in the hope it gets used, this programme follows an experiential process that allows people to interact with the material resulting in proficiency in the required competence. Furthermore, participants are equipped with the skills to listen, connect, and respond in an advanced and meaningful way.


  • Debunking traditional training processes

  • Understanding and applying the I,S,O methodology

  • Exploring individual competencies of the facilitator

  • Intra- and Interpersonal insights of group dynamics and facilitation

  • Insight into each person’s unique personal facilitation style

  • Understanding and managing group energy – surface and hidden 

  • Insight to deal with difficult personalities

  • Skills to explore self and other in the facilitation process