Upcoming courses

Time management vs energy management course

  • Understanding personal energy
  • The Psychology of burnout and recovery
  • The Neuro-science of energy
  • The importance of self-preservation
  • Tools and techniques to enhance personal energy
  • Understanding the importance of psychological boundaries
  • The theory of Cure vs Care

Understanding relational dynamics in change course

  • Self-awareness and understanding one’s own style and reaction to change
  • Improved coping mechanisms and managing of others
  • Enhanced Intra- and Interpersonal awareness of managing the Impact and complexities of change
  • Provision of tools and skill to manage heightened emotion


emotional intelligence: the differentiator course

• Integrated understanding of emotional intelligence and how to use it as a differentiator
• Enhanced self-awareness and awareness of self on others
• Enhanced person-centricity
• Advanced listening skills
• Ability to manage relationships more effectively