Investing in people - and people skills - always pays off

Circle & Square is an international training company with offices in Canada and South Africa.


We provide a number of different learning solutions, rooted in clinical psychology, and have been delivering these to leading clients since 2000.


We offer three core services - training, coaching and consulting - all designed to elevate the performance of your talent by helping them develop and apply people skills. 


From training and executive coaching, to emotional intelligence and team effectiveness, we offer enjoyable, insightful, sustainable and long-lasting solutions for our clients.

Rooted in clinical psychology

Circle & Square’s critical differentiator is that our training, coaching and consulting services are rooted in clinical psychology.


Founder Barry Pokroy is a clinical psychologist who, at the turn of the millennium, saw a wonderful opportunity to adapt the skills and insights of his profession to meet the top “people challenges” facing today’s organizations.


And so, Circle & Square was born - a learning and development company offering a powerful new approach to customer service, change management, leadership, and team effectiveness.

What we solve

Circle & Square’s training services focus on developing people skills that are essential to peak performance. For nearly two decades, Circle & Square has supported a wide variety of private and public sector clients in elevating these critical skills in their organizations, addressing challenges such as:

  • Lagging sales and service

  • Leadership development

  • Emotional intelligence and agility

  • Customer churn

  • Declines in profitability

  • Change and transition

  • Employee stress, negativity and apathy

  • Team and employee detachment

Where we are

Circle & Square is based in Toronto, Canada and in Johannesburg, South Africa. While both offices operate independently, Circle & Square is uniquely positioned to address training needs from an international viewpoint. 

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